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Why hiring a wedding photographer for your wedding day in Venice? For many people, Venice is the most beautiful and romantic city in the world. How can I not give these people full reason? Venice is my city: I know it very well for having studied there for a few years during my university time. I graduated in this amazing city, between bridges and lagoons, historic buildings and gondolas. That’s why I propose myself as a wedding photographer Venice: I can apply my photographic techniques and my style to a city as beautiful as it is magical, which I am lucky enough to know in every corner. It will be a pleasure for me to offer you my unusual background knowledge to make your wedding day in Venice even more special: together, we will create an elegant and unique wedding album, in which the beauty of Venice will be the background to the emotions of that day and to your love.

Venice is described by many people as the most romantic city in the world, thanks to its unforgettable atmosphere; no wonder, then, that it is often chosen by couples from all around the world as a place to celebrate their wedding.
Any advice for your dream wedding in Venice? Follow me: your wedding photographer in Venice will show you some great ideas for your Big Day.

Imagine your dream wedding… in Venice!

Getting married in Venice is a delightfully unique experience, and for this reason, it’s vital to choose the best local photographer. I live nearby to Venice myself, and this means I know the city and its most unique and magical corners very well, details that will make your wedding even more exciting. Any glimpse of the city can become a wonderful setting for a wedding photo shoot: from the iconic old-world streets to the historic buildings and the beaches of the Venetian coast. Venice has remained unique and timeless for hundreds of years, with more than 400 quaint, arched bridges connecting a multitude of narrow streets, leading to charming squares, palaces, and truly picturesque churches.

Imagine crossing the Grand Canal in a gondola with your sweetheart, entering the soul of Venice, floating quietly on the waters of what is considered one of the most elegant canals in the world. Or imagine exchanging your vows at St. Mark’s Basilica, the most famous church in Venice, a building that perfectly reflects the grandeur of this magnificent city. It’s a truly unique and unforgettable place to celebrate your wedding, in the heart of romantic Venice. And that’s only a few of the breathtaking sights: explore the Rialto Bridge, Piazza San Marco, Cà Sagredo, and other famous landmarks in this delightful city, which could be a wonderful backdrop for your wedding photos.


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Wedding photography set in Venice

Luxury editorial wedding photographer in Venice Italy


Editorial photography shooting set in the surroundings of Venice

Late summer dream venice seaside


Photoshoot in Porto Caleri, Venice

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Amazing Wedding photoshoot set in Catajo Castle, not far from Venice

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A special engagement album in Venice surroundings

Hotels for your marriage in Venice

Among the best hotels to get married at in Venice, I strongly recommend the following three:

° The Hotel Petit Palais: this amazing hotel in Venice occupies a prestigious position, directly in front of the fine golden sands of the Lido of Venice.

° The Baglioni Hotel Luna, one of the best 5-star hotels in Venice. This breathtaking property seems to be frozen in time, overflowing with beauties of all kinds.

° The Belmond Hotel Cipriani, which is an ideal setting for your wedding, with its Michelin-starred restaurants and an incomparable view over the Venetian lagoon.

In addition to these, there are many other beautiful hotels in Venice that could be suitable for a wedding ceremony. In this article, I will also take a look at five other luxury hotel proposals in the lagoon city, from which you can take inspiration for your special day.

Important locations around Venice

The surroundings of Venice offer plenty of suggestive locations for magical weddings. For example, the magical Villa Valier in Mira, an enchanting building from the 1500s, is undoubtedly an ideal setting for an unforgettable event like your wedding day. Or why not visit the stunning Catajo Castle, immersed in the luxuriant vegetation of the Euganean hills in the province of Padua. With its frescoed halls, terraces with breathtaking views, and endless gardens, this ancient and sumptuous building offers the perfect atmosphere for the most beautiful day of your life.

Before we continue, I want to mention the lush and unique Botanical Park of Porto Caleri, a natural coastal botanical garden of amazing landscape beauty: a place that will captivate you for its flora and fauna, for its slightly wild and always romantic sights. It is located in Rosolina Mare, near Venice.

If you’ve always dreamed of a wedding in Venice, why not consider celebrating it on Lido di Jesolo, a few kilometers from Venice, leaving the beach and the waves of the sea to become the background for your amazing moment?
In addition, in Venice I genuinely advise you not to miss a visit to the Fondaco dei Tedeschi while here: it’s an ancient Venetian building containing countless paintings of inestimable value, above which there is a beautiful panoramic terrace open to the skies and roofs of Venice. A wedding photo shoot here is simply spectacular!


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Themed wedding packages

Your wedding is as unique and you and your partner are, and so choosing the right wedding photography package is essential. I can offer a range of different themed packages to help you get the perfect shots. My themes can include honeymoons, engagement, elopement, trash the dress, morning after, and pregnancy photo shoots!

My photography is inspired by fine art and is highly illustrative. If you love my style too, contact me for advice.

Ideas for memorable photo shoots in Venice

In addition to the wedding day itself, the city of Venice can also become the perfect backdrop for photo shoots on other occasions related to it. Perhaps you’re thinking of making a big proposal to your significant other? Why not choose the city of love, par excellence? Or maybe you’re thinking of spending a romantic anniversary in Venice? The powerufl emotions of these events will only be further amplified by the wonderful Venetian atmosphere!

Thanks to my local knowledge of Venice and its secret, hidden corners, as a wedding photographer, every event has the chance to become an experience and a memory to carry in your heart for a lifetime. Take a look at the following photogalleries to see some of the pre and post wedding services I’ve already carried out in Venice:

A marriage proposal in the center of Venice

A romantic anniversary in Venice

A pre-wedding reflecting on the water in Venice


Would you like to have a wonderful experience with your lover? Here I introduce you an engagement photography session in Venice. It is a professional photographic set carried out in the Italian lagoon city, which aims to portray the love of a couple in an original and refined way. Not only this, but it is also a unique opportunity to have fun together, immersing yourself in a new journey. A great chance to discover unusual places of Venice, unknown by most tourists, thanks to the guide of your Italian destination professional photographer… who has lived in Venice for years.


Venice: beautiful, vibrant, romantic, unique. Here you will find no other place so uniquely suited for couples looking to tie the knot in secrecy and passion than Venice. What’s more, you will have no need to worry about setting the mood, I can take care of all that for you as you and your partner focus on what really matters: each other. Look at this nice wedding shooting in the streets of Venice: discover how art, history and nature’s beauty can bring people together, at the stunning Venice!


Useful tips for planning your wedding in Venice


In Venice, people tend to travel by foot, taxi, bus or water, for which they take vaporetti and gondolas. In addition to being an efficient and indispensable means of travel around such a particular city, they also represent a way to truly savor the atmosphere of this amazing location.

Typical cuisine 

Venice is wonderfully famous for its culinary tradition. So, if you ask us, it would be a shame to celebrate the big day without trying some typical Venetian delicacies: here we suggest you 8 main Venetian dishes not to lose! The Venetian cuisine is varied and is characterized by an unprecedented mix of seafood and typical land-based ingredients: there’s a huge variety that’s suitable to satisfy all palates, even the most demanding. Among the typical dishes not to be missed, I sincerely recommend sardines in saor, risi e bisi, Venetian liver, creamed cod, and, last but not least, baicoli as a dessert.

Weather forecast

When love reigns supreme, any time of year is a good month to get married in! However, to fully enjoy the magical atmosphere of Venice, I personally think the best months are those ranging from April to September: this is, in fact, the period that boasts a more temperate climate. Simultaneously, it allows you to avoid some of the main characteristic problems of the city due to the phenomenon of “high water.” I don’t recommend the height of summer, however, due to the high temperatures and the vast surge of tourists.