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I belive in the strength of love crystalized in a picture through the elegance of shapes and the evocative power of lights and shade

– Stefano Cassaro –

An italian wedding photographer

for your dream wedding

My name is Stefano. I define myself as a modern dreamer, nice to meet you. As well as being an Italian wedding photographer, I adore my family more than I love my own life. I take pride in helping other people create that perfect ever-after with their wedding day. I’ve always been fascinated by people and the emotions that fall upon their faces. I see the world through innocent, childlike eyes. This allows me to see the beauty and magic in everything and to perfectly capture the best moments from your special day.

My camera allows me to look differently at the world. It lets me capture the love of my couples and their energy and emotions. Indeed, I’m a Sicilian by blood; to this end, I’m a die-hard romantic as well. That’s largely why I love my job as a destination wedding photographer in Italy so much, and I want to help as many people as possible in my quest to capture the perfect aesthetic from their perfect wedding day.

I use a pictorial style to capture your big day in all of its glory, inspired by Caravaggio’s “use of light” and the style of Flemish painters, whose fascinations with emotions created truly incomparable works of art.

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for me, wedding photography is a unique field, combining beauty, style, and glamour, and creating a story of your special day.

Irrelevant of race, sex, or religion, I want to help as many people as possible realize their dreams for their perfect wedding in Italy.

Please, tell me your dream:

I will photograph it!

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