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Getting married is undeniably one of the most magical days of your life, and as an Italian wedding photographer, I strive to capture the very essence of this magic in my work. Below, you can find examples of the work that I provided from some of my biggest projects.

As a destination wedding photographer, I take pride in the quality of work that I can deliver. For some people, photography might just be a job, a career choice, and little more. For me, it is something more special. Photography is a part of my soul and my reason to be; it is my calling, and I am immensely humbled to be able to spend quality time with people on their most important of days in order to help them build memories that will last for a lifetime.
Wedding photography, of all of the different branches of photography, is something special. Indeed, it is a branch all of its own, and thus requires a very specific set of skills. A wedding photographer cannot just be anyone who knows how to work a camera; a wedding photographer, instead, has a number of traits that truly make them suitable for such an important job.

You only have one wedding day, after all!

In my job as an Italian wedding photographer, I love to see the wonder in the world and the uniqueness in each couple I meet; this attitude pushes me to analyze any detail of what surrounds me, in order to grasp its particularity. This trait is something that I put to good use when taking wedding photography. Even the slightest of details are focused on and perfected; I strive to create harmony between light and shadows in my work, finding an equilibrium which brings the emotions of the event to the surface of the photograph. This is a technique I have developed and honed over years of experience; the careful manipulation of lighting in photographs – the art of finding the perfect camera angle so as to capture the light and the shadows at once – is a key skill of a wedding photographer, in my mind.

There are many aspects that I focus on when producing my work. Light, shadows, objects, people, and expressions are all factors which I take into account for each and every shot! Every photograph is a story to tell. I hone in on the emotive nature of the wedding and immortalise these feelings in canvas, so that you will have a visual memory of your special day for years to come. No matter how long passes, you will always have incredible wedding photographs to look back on, which talk about your couple and your unique and special love: this is my goal. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, I believe that I could be the person you need to help you.

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