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Personally, I am proud to be able to call myself a Fine Art Wedding Photographer. I have a deep and well rounded passion in regards to fine art, and it is my belief that this passion stems from my own stylistic research in photography. This research has allowed me to develop a sense of style for all of my photography, on wedding scenarios in splendid Italian locations, thereby giving me the freedom and ability to capture subtle emotions and scenes in my work.

This has helped me to develop a strong foundation for my photography. All of my photographs are carefully chosen based on the values and stylistic choices expressed in painting and all of the figurative arts: representational pieces based on the real world, as opposed to the sharp contrasts and unrealistic expectations expressed by modern abstract artwork.

One skill that any self respecting wedding fine art photographer needs to have is the ability to analyze the light in an image and environment. Furthering on from this, it is vital that the photographer can then harness that light to give a resulting photograph that perfectly captures the balance of colors and tones in the landscape. This is a philosophy that I employ for every one of my photographs during weddings in the most sought after Italian destinations; using the skills that I learned from figurative art, I worked to learn how to perfectly capture the essence of the lighting to convey a particular mood, emotion, or setting.

Just as an artist has a palette to work from, I use light and composition and colors as my own. I am proud to have eyes that see the world from a youthful and vibrant perspective; I see wonder in all around me, with particular inspiration being drawn from nature, art, immense historic villas and big cities that Italy can offer. I have always had a dream of flying over the world to discover everything faster; to breath life and freedom, and to incorporate these ideals into my work.

My work is largely influenced by my adoration for beauty, in all of its many forms. I am passionate about the aesthetic value of the world and utilize my creativity to bring out these important points of interest in my fine art photography. This allows me to offer a unique service for wedding photography. I am able to make the best use of the existing lighting and setting so as to capture the most perfect moments from your wedding day, arguably the most beautiful day of your life.

Without fail, all of my work is created with vision and creativity. Every Italian wedding photo is carefully chosen to make sure that every emotion in the photograph is perfectly portrayed in the work; just as a piece of art exists to capture passion and insightful meanings, my photography work is equally designed to be a flawless representation that can take you back to your wondrous wedding event.

I am passionate and dedicated to delivering the highest quality fine art photography for your big day. No matter the weather, I can help you to immortalize the joy and elation at your event on canvas for years to come!

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