Venice wedding photographer: seaside engagement

{ Linda & Nicola }
Venice wedding photographer: seaside engagement

Engagement Location: Porto Caleri – Rosolina Mare (Italy)

Wedding Photographer in Venice.

The beaches of Southern Italy are really beautiful but sometimes, here in the North, we find magnificent coasts.

I love Venice (I was born in Venice and, after all, I could define myself a Venice wedding photographer) and its costs.

I grew up near Venice and I know it very well.

Porto Caleri, near Rosolina Mare (a beach south of Venice)  is a fantastic seaside location for an engagement session…

Linda e Nicola are two young lovers who adore the sea and its atmosphere, especially in winter time!

They are two fashionable types, very cute and kind and so I hope to become the photographer of their marriage!

I am a photographer of human connections but I’m primarily a wedding photographer!


Your Wedding and Engagement Photographer in Venice






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