Arrangements: DE BONI WEDDING
Floreal Designer: CREARE IN

The coastline naturally is a picturesque and idyllic Italian wedding destination. Far away from the hectic daily grind that is city life, time slows almost to a halt at the coastline. This made the Northern Italy, Venetian Coast the ideal destination also for a relaxing picnic on the beach between two dear friends: this was a creative idea of mine, that I set up on a sunny Sunday afternoon of March. Waves gently lap at the sand, tumbling and falling lazilly in the warm summer sun. Cool water droplets splash against the impeccably dry sand further up, and the cool breeze from across the sea provides a gentle calm for anyone in the vicinity. The soft sand underfoot falls away at the slightest touch, warm and comforting; this is the destination in which we found ourselves for this particular photoshoot, and it was a truly wonderful day for it as well.

There is a certain happiness that can be associated with the seaside, irrelevant of the time of year. The coastline elicits images of warm, sunny days and simple joy; even in the depths of winter, such photographs can draw a smile and create an excitement for the upcoming months of Spring. Spring: when new life comes into bloom and the world renews itself. Following on from this comes the summer months, when the world is bright and warm and joyous. And so, as part of our travel tales series, we spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon relaxing on the warm sand of the sunny Venetian coast. Far, far away from the hustle and bustle, the setting allowed us to breathe a sigh of relief and calm down, letting any of our worries and troubles leave us for that wonderful, carefree picnic afternoon.

Working with a team of incredible professionals, we collaborated together to create the ideal scene for our “pair of rebels” to relax and unwind. The team at Pronuba Events managed and planned the day, and Creare In worked to provide incredible floral designs. Sprawled out on the sand of this Italian coast, carefree hours were spent being pampered and loved. Great food, spread out on a pearly white picnic blanket, made this particular afternoon one of the most wonderful around. The wind blew gently, as it always does at the coastline, and freed us all from the heat of the day. It blew through the hair of our two protagonists, inciting in them an insatiable desire for freedom from the stress of daily life. Free, beautiful, and rebellious…

That was the underlying theme for this particular photoshoot, and these ideals were captured in the simplistic imagery of this wonderful destination. So simple, and yet words could truly not capture the magic of the Venetian coast and the freedom that it allows, as captured for infinity in this photoshoot. And now, you can take a glance at this little excerpt to see for yourself how magical and enchanting the coastline destination can be.

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