Arrangements: DE BONI WEDDING
Floreal Designer: CREARE IN

For Greta and Flavia, getting married was the top goal to show their love and adoration for one another and getting their wedding right was, as such, an absolute priority. As a same sex couple, these two offered something unique and enlightening in terms of attitude towards their big day. Greta was a sweet and elegant individual who spent her days teaching dance in her own private dance school, and this grace was something that I knew I needed to capture in her. She adores art, and so I also strived to use my artistic touch to best use in order to provideherwith photographs that would speak to her soul and truly make her fall in love all over again.

As someone who is quite an emotional character in person, and who has retained something of a childlike adoration for the world and its beauty, It was a pleasure for me to work to capture this grace, beauty, and artistry for her. Flavia, too, is a calm and gentle woman. Unlike Greta, who was confident and outgoing (without compromising on her own grace and elegance), Flavia was a lot more of a reserved individual, being sensitive and helpful, and made the entire experience of working with this wonderful couple a delight.
The love shared between these two young women was nothing short of magical
, as if directly from a fairytale or the movies. The pair were, in a world, enthralled with one another, and so I utilised my skills and unique abilities to make sure that every photograph captured the essence of the couple’s love. I was honored to be able to work with such a wonderful couple and to be the keeper of their memories from this day. In the case of these two, capturing the wonder of the wedding day was exceptionally easy.

Every time I saw the pair, their love for one another was visible and overwhelming. This allowed for photos of an exceptionally high quality, capturing the emotions and passion between them and their wedding visitors. The wedding itself was held at the incredible Villa Ca ‘Prigioni, a truly wonderful wedding destination.
The venue was well prepared upon our arrival by the wonderful team at De Boni Wedding, with Creare In providing the excellent floral arrangements. It was simply perfect for both Flavia and Greta. The villa itself was not far from the charming streets of the historic center of Vicenza, and the pair had the opportunity to enjoy a romantic stroll through these magical streets and take in the atmosphere that the beautiful city of Palladio had to offer. I was granted permission to accompany them on this walk.

This unique same sex wedding offered a real opportunity for me, as a destination wedding photographer, to test my skills and see just how powerful my photography could be. The emotions at the event were rife and clear, and this allowed me to easily capture the essence of such a strong and durable love.

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