When it comes to your special day, ensuring you’ve got photography help from someone who’s experienced and professional is highly important. However, knowing where to begin often seems tough. Fortunately, though, it really doesn’t have to be this way! With this thought in mind, I offer all my experience as an Italian destination wedding photographer to become the partner you need. And now, I’m proud to say that I’ve got a recent nomination as one of the top 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography in the World! This is what the famous American Magazine “Rangefinder NYC” (world’s top Award in the Wedding field) decided for 2022: let’s now focus on this.

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Key Requirements for the Rising Stars List 

The Rising Stars List of 2022 is an international collection of the best rising stars in the photography world, and with a unique focus on wedding photography, this excellent list offers a collection of some of the world’s best new photographers.

For this, the importance of going “above and beyond” is something that has no room for compromise. 

As Jennifer Stein, the editor-in-chief of the Destination I Do Magazine and judge of the competition, states, “I place a great deal of importance on capturing the destination and focusing on a ‘sense of place’ perspective. Judging the Rising Stars submissions … showed how some photographers truly [immersed] themselves in the location but allowed it to carry over into every photograph. One of the trends I saw taking root (especially in certain regions) was capturing the light or really the ‘mood’ of a specific place.”

Uncompromising Photography

As Jennifer Stein explained, taking a full approach was integral to the Rising Stars list for 2022. Fortunately, this tied in perfectly with my own approach, which strongly incorporates emotions into each and every photograph.

I considers myself a modern dreamer, my over-encompassing approach to photography ensures every snap is ideal. With my passion for helping other people enjoy their dream experiences in mind, I offer my wedding photo services in Italy, for loving couples from all around the world needing someone to immortalize their love story.

For me, being nominated as one of the most skilled emerging photographers is undeniably a decisive achievement for my career, however it is not an end point: my self-critical nature leads me to continuously improve myself, to achieve ever better results. I tell you more: the day I have taken the perfect photo, I’ll stop working… and this will never happen!

With this thought in mind, it is well worth seeing how I could help transform your special day and make it an event to remember… for a lifetime.

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Create Your Dream Wedding Destination in Italy

If you think that getting married in Venice or in any other suggestive place in Italy – such as Amalfi CoastLake Como, Tuscany, Sicily, Rome just to name a few – could be just the option you’ve always dreamed of, ensure you have the most effective solutions to make your special day memorable. 

My cinematic and editorial approach to photography can be a unique solution to capturing the magic of your big day.

Grateful to be one of the top 30 rising stars in the world, aware that continuous improvement is a fundamental part of my job, proud to offer my experience at the service of your wedding day… I do photography with a mission: to make your unique and memorable wedding photo album. Read more

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