Location: Val d’Orcia – TUSCANY (ITALY)

For Sofia and Gianmarco, two young lovers from Emilia, their special day was originally planned for 2020. However, the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic forced the pair to deter their wedding day until 2021. This was not going to stop them from showing their love for one another off to the world, and so they took the step of arranging a unique photoshoot, just the two of them, dedicated especially to their love. Sofia is a sweet girl in love with her boyfriend, Gianmarco is more extroverted with a strong sense of humor. A far as I’m concerned, I was lucky enough to be given the chance to help them with this special photoshoot.

As a professional wedding and destination photographer in Italy, the importance of the right setting is something that I understand well: this is why I wasted no time in making sure that the destination for Sofia and Gianmarco’s photo shoot was perfect. Eventually I settled on the picturesque and idyllic setting that is Val d’Orcia, in the region of Tuscany: a truly mesmerizing landscape that is so perfectly Tuscan in its nature. Nestled snugly in between the Crete Senesi, this unique and wondrous landscape was rich and soothing; the amber colours that painted this little section of the world served to create a landscape which was truly harmonious and the ideal setting for this photoshoot of love.

Just as I had imagined, this unique setting was the ideal destination to capture the love shared between these two lovers; the wondrous views that the Italian region allowed us provided the perfect backdrop for a range of photos.
Each photo was captured with well-practiced attention to detail; as a wedding photographer, I understand how important getting even the smallest of things right in such a setting. For me, capturing the essence of a couple’s love for one another is more than simply taking a few photos; instead, it is an art form which is learned and mastered. Lighting and shadows are areas which I greatly focus on in my work, using these subtle nuances to make sure that the emotion and passion behind every photograph shines through in the final photographs which I provide to my clients.

I had a great time working in Tuscany with Sofia and Gianmarco for their photoshoot of love, helping them to immortalise their feelings. I captured the moments of bliss shared between the couple; they laughed and chatted together, and all the while, I strove to capture their happiness and elation at being together with my camera, giving every photo a naturalness that is simply impossible to replicate. Themes of love and gentleness were ones which I particularly focused upon for these two lovers.
I hope that you will enjoy the images from this special photoshoot in Tuscany and can use them to take inspiration for your own wedding or pre-wedding service.

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