Lake Garda Wedding Photographer: engagement in Lake Garda

{ Giulia & Francesco }
Lake Garda Wedding Photographer: engagement in Lake Garda

Engagement Location: Tenno and Lake Tenno (near Lake Garda – Trento)


Lake Garda wedding photographer.

If you’re asking yourself what a “no-stress” engagement day could be like, I think you must see this one.

No pressure, no rush, an overall relaxed mood that dominated the day; Francesco e Giulia, two nice young guys, seem to feel really comfortable and this reflected in the photos I took.

A fantastic lake engagement (not far from Lake Garda) for an Italian destination wedding photographer like me, so in love with the dreamy atmospheres!

Francesco and Giulia are in love and happy. They are from Verona and their origins are reflected in a pleasant and peaceful personality.

Working with this kind of lovely couple is so rewarding that makes hard to call what I do just a “job”.

Because its not just about press a button, its more something about me and them and the feeling we can create to collect some exceptional wrapping memories of one the most beautiful days of their lives.

Enjoy these pictures!


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