Location: VENICE (ITALY)

Weddings are something truly special. They are a once in a lifetime event that you will hold onto and cherish throughout the years to come. They represent so much: love, passion, and loyalty. And it is this intimacy that was so paramount to the success of Florian and Anna’s big day in Venice. The wedding itself was a small and comforting affair, with around twenty guests; these guests comprised of the loved ones and closest friends of these two passionate lovers. In fact, everything about the event followed this theme of simplicity and love.

The couple lived in Germany at the time, but it had always been their dream to have their wedding in the wonderful surroundings of Venice. But it was not the famous sights of this city that they wanted to see; no, this unique couple instead wanted something a little different. It was their dream to explore the wonders and magic of some of Venice’s best kept secrets, and so, they hired me to give them a full wedding photoshoot experience throughout the quiet and serene wonders of the Venetian streets of Venice. I know the city of Venice well; it is one of my own favourite destinations for wedding photography in Italy. Many years ago, I was fortunate enough to have the chance to study at and graduate from Ca’ Foscari; as such, I was well versed in the streets of the city. I knew the places that offered incomparable charm and magic and wonder. And so it was with this knowledge that I set out a plan for the wedding photoshoot, taking the couple around some of the most memorable and scenic destinations in all of Venice: past towering Venecian fountains and canals and through some of the world’s most beautiful and breathtaking streets.

As we wandered through these most incredible of streets, we saw some truly spectacular sights. We wasted no time in taking in the true wonder of each of the destinations in Venice; from the Jewish Ghetto to Rio Marin; from San Girolamo to the stunning destination which was once the old fish market at the foot of the famous Rialto Bridge; and from San Polo to the Casino area. The journey took us to some of the most wonderful sights, with truly incredible views and romantic photo opportunities. In the first part of the wedding shooting we were accompanied on our walk by the couple’s witnesses, a German couple who helped making the atmosphere of those beautiful hours fun together. There was also a quick change of clothes for the couple in the second part of the photo shoot. 
The two newlyweds were definitely fascinated by the unchanging timeless beauty of one of the most fantastic and romantic cities in the world.

As a wedding photographer in Venice, It was for me a pleasure to tap into the sense of wonder that can be found on such special occasions. I did my best to capture the magic of the moment, harnessing light and shadow to create a truly suggestive wedding photo album. The wedding in Venice between Florian and Anna was a wonderful occasion, and it was nice to see the newlyweds so fascinated by the unchanging and majestic landscape that surrounded us. Unfiltered and unmarred beauty in one of the most romantic cities in the world. Enjoy here my photos and the magic of Venice…

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