The seaside is an excellent destination to celebrate an engagement, and it is with this knowledge in mind that Linda and Nicola chose to celebrate their engagement at the Venetian Coast, known as Porto Caleri, near Venice. I was honored, in this instance, to be chosen as the destination photographer for the event. The couple were both strong lovers of the sea, and they approached me for advice on where to share their engagement celebrations.

I suggested the Venetian Coastline, knowing from experience how marvellous and magical a destination it can be for many people. We then finished off the event at the nearby coastal botanical garden Giardino Botanico Litoraneo di Porto Caleri, allowing us to soak in all that the local area had to offer. In all honesty, it was nothing short of a natural haven, and this was arguably a large part of the attraction of the destination.

As a destination photographer in Italy, I am proud to be able to capture the emotions behind my clients’ event. Specifically, I am particularly attuned to taking note of powerful expressions and endeavour to capture the love and passion between couples in every photograph. Personally, I always put into my work my ability to see the world through a creative and artistic lense and my effort in delivering a tailor-made work. This gives me a unique perspective and ability to capture the love and emotions shared on the special event, and meant that taking photographs for this wonderful couple at their seaside location was truly a rare opportunity that I relished in.

That’s why I love my job of destination wedding or engagement photographer. The setting really couldn’t have been much better. The sun was bright and shining strongly, casting the world in a warm orange hue.

The waves rolled lazily, lapping at the coast and gently dissipating upon contact with the sand. The melodic sounds accompanied the gentle bird song that floated on the air, creating a calm and serene environment that allowed us all to drift away on the serenity of the day. Both Linda and Nicola were shy individuals, and this meant that their engagement photography also needed to be calm and delicate. The atmosphere of the event was, as such, quiet and highly inspired by the wonderful nature of the beloved Venetian coast.

The warm April wind caressed us for the two hours that we spent on the beach, soaking up the warmth and relaxation that this little corner of paradise could offer. It was truly a magical place; a beach that still clung onto the virtues of the wild and of nature, making it truly an idyllic destination that was so perfectly suited to the personalities of both Linda and Nicola.

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