Lake Garda is one of the most magnificent lakes in Europe. Being the largest lake in all of Italy, it captures the hearts and imagination of many people looking for a romantic wedding destination and such was the case for Giulia and Francesco. When I first met the pair, I was struck by the powerful sense of passion that was shared between the two. Despite both being young boys, they had a sense of deep routed maturity and consciousness which I immediately latched onto.

As I learned later during our discussions, the pair had only recently gotten engaged. In fitting with this, they yearned for passionate and loving photos that would be able to capture the joy and raw emotions of this life changing time, and Lake Garda was their destination of choice. Perhaps, the lake might not have been everybody’s cup of tea: the winter weather meant that the area was quite frigid in temperature, for sure. However, in the same light, the winter shades and hues of subtle blues and whites and silvers was perfect for immortalising the love that these two shared; a slightly melancholic environment, but one which was so perfectly suited to these two delicate and passionate souls.

So, we travelled to Lake Tenno, in the splendid and mesmerising region of Trentino-Alto Adige. This particular lake is found not far from Riva del Garda, which feeds Lake Garda, and offered a unique and awe inspiring destination for the photographs. Giulia and Francesco were, as such, enthralled by the region. But the day was not yet over, and there was still more in the area for us to see. And so, with that in mind, I began showing them around the picturesque region that is Trentino-Alto Adige. We spent the day exploring the charm of the area. We paid a visit to Canale di Tenno, a small Italian village which is widely considered to be the most beautiful in all of Italy for its delightful rock and wood architecture and breathtaking views; the entire village is encapsulated by towering mountains and views of Lake Garda. In short, we were all utterly amazed at the wonders that this quaint little village could offer and the afternoon flew by in the company of one another.

As the day progressed, we realised their dream little by little. We made plans for the future and obsessed over how spectacular a wedding in the area would be. And, when the sun began to set behind those incredible mountains, we all knew that we had found a truly enthralling destination for this incredible couple to share in the joys of their new engagement.

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