Wedding Planner: MAISON D’EVENTI
Floreal Designer: FABIO ZARDI
Arrangements: PIETRO SIFFI

As a creative, being able to immerse myself in the inspiration of an event is a great opportunity to capture the love and emotion of the big day. Never did I have such a great chance as for my inspiration shoot in Cortina, a famous Italian wedding destination, where a young couple of lovers were wedded in the picturesque and mesmerizing surroundings that was the wintry, snow covered landscape of the local area.
There is always something magical about winter; a crisp layer of white, fluffy snow upon the ground can create an idyllic and serene environment so perfectly suited to a wedding day. And this was the case for this particular wedding, where the theme and inspiration for the event was the Hygge style; translated from dutch, this refers to “simplicity and intimacy”.

As such, in every moment, I strived to capture both of these themes. For my wedding photography, I harnessed the divine beauty of the wintry Alpine landscape to enhance these ideas, resulting in photographs for the event that were truly magical. Every photo was captured with the goal of picturing the simple, unchanged charm of this ancient landscape.
The young couple at the heart of this were Mirco and Lucrezia, and I can confidently say that I have never met such a wonderful pair of people. The pair braved the cold of the Alpine winter to capture their love and passion for one another in a series of winter themed photographs, where the surrounding landscape served to draw attention to their love.
One incredible benefit of wedding photography in the very heart of the Italian Alpine winter is the diverse range of backdrops and scenic areas. We were able to harness the true beauty of this semi wild landscape and create a styled set of photographs in this most enchanted of landscapes.

Time felt as if it had fallen still while we were out there, breathing in the wonder of the surreal, almost fairytale like landscape. Logs of wood, chopped by skilled teams of local lumberjacks, made for an exceptionally unique opportunity and backdrop. The crisp and cooling snow fell copiously, creating a winter landscape that caressed the soul and truly shone a light on the love and passion between the pair.
Finally, after a long day of photoshooting in the Alpine hills, we made our way back to our wooden chalet. In a picturesque setting, the couple could enjoy the simple bliss of each other’s company, all while being pampered by a romantic candlelit dinner. Gentle hues of purple and white made for truly idyllic final moments at the end of a busy, but most wonderfully productive day. Fur blankets created a warm, cozy atmosphere—and memories that would surely last for a lifetime.

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