About me

Stefano Cassaro Biography

My name is Stefano and I am an Italian Destination Wedding Photographer based in Vicenza (Italy), near Venice and Lake Garda but I work in all regions of Italy, such as: Tuscany, Sicily, Amalfi Coast, Lake Como, Apulia, and more I’m also available throughout Europe and all over the world.

I am deeply in love with my partner and her beautiful baby. I’m a dreamer and a life-enjoyer. I love to see the world as children do, marveling over the little things that people usually overlook. I love my family, nature, good food, travel. I love Photography. It’s my life! Photography is the most beautiful thing in my life and one of the few things that I know to do with the heart, head and soul.

My photography style is built upon elegance and beauty, both emotional and spontaneous. I have a passion for detail, and I am constantly searching for a different angle to see things. I chose to be a wedding photographer because I want to recount the love stories that bind people together, providing my artistic vision to do so. I work with my assistant photographers, highly respected professionals.

I am pleased that you are interested in my technical and emotional approach! I am glad that you are considering to invite me to one of the best days of your life and to let me telling your story, feeling free to create unique images for you!

If you are here it’s because you are looking for very special, personal, warm, candid photography, right?

If you seek only to save money and do not really love photography, I’m not the right wedding photographer for you.

If you’re romantic, if you feel different, if you’re a little bit stylish, if you’re totally in love, if photography is important for you, if you feel like my point of view is close to your one, I could be the right person. These photographs will be the lasting memory of the most exciting day of your life and, in the coming years, you will share them with your friend, family…and grand-kids. Look around, explore the net and make sure to find a photographer you feel affinity with, who has a style that you love and don’t be satisfied for anything less. After this, if I’m your guy.


My Wedding Photography

In my photographic Art you will find a lot of quality and aesthetic research to make your day wonderful. I work very hard and make it my goal to produce high quality wedding images for the high class bride and groom. I offering a new and innovative photographic style capturing spontaneous expressions and unique details that represent the emotions, style and spirit of the event.

My photographic images are not the classical portraits, but artistic portraits and also and above all those pictures that represent the feelings and emotions that bind a married couple and tell the reportage wedding. For me, Wedding Photography is an Art (so I’m an Fine Art Wedding Photographer) that shoud combine love and glamour, while tells the story of your day. My clients are men and women who want their wedding photographs to reflect the elegance, emotions and heartfelt passion experienced on their special day.

I’m not a traditional photographer. I’m an artist, a photojournalist, documenting stories. Your story. I’m unobtrusive, letting stories unfold in front of the lens and capturing them as creatively as I can. My images tell stories about people, people who are truly in love, and the families that love them too! I tell the Beauty of Life. Your Life. Let me invest my time, my energy, my passion, in your story.

My additional services are Engagement, Trash The Dress, The reharsal dinner, The Morning After, Maternity, etc…

I welcome your inquiries and look forward to helping you create heart tugging memories that will last a lifetime.


Your Wedding Photographer,

Stefano Cassaro