Arrangements: DE BONI WEDDING
Floreal Designer: CREARE IN

Autumn is a month of change, and the world is coloured in a palette of vibrant shades of red, orange, yellow, and brown. And, as the world changes and prepares for the child of a crisp and snow covered winter, we had the perfect opportunity to capture the sheer power of this changing world. When it comes to photo shoots, I always endeavour to form a strong and lasting relationship with my clients; every photo shoot is unique, just as every setting and story is unique, and it is my goal to become friends with each and everyone involved so that I can truly understand what they want from their photo shoot.

For some, the goal of the photo shoot is to show their love; others simply want a day that they can treasure for life. For me, this is a goal worth fighting for and allows me to use my natural empathy to connect with my clients’ needs and provide them with an unrivaled standard of fine art photography. The natural world is powerful and raw, and I relish in the opportunity to capture this magic in my work. Outdoor photo shoots offer a plethora of opportunities for me, as a photographer. As part of this, I am proud to be able to say that I see this wonderful world in which we live with a creative eye. What I try to do every day, in my work, is to retain my love for the world and channel this love and emotion into every photograph that I capture.
The yellow and orange leaves of the slumbering forest, preparing for its winter hibernation, were the primary inspiration for this shoot. That was coupled with the warm colours of the earth and the unique lighting that the cooling autumnal sun throws over the world. The air is fresh and holds promise for the future; of sleep and rest in winter, when the world falls into a deep slumber, and then rebirth in the following spring.

The colours of autumn truly are something special: they are rich and bold and full of subtle nuances that tell tales of their own. In no other period of the year can these incredible hues be seen. The autumn holds so much promise: summer break, after a long year of school, and then the new school year; the start of a new adventure for all. I have to give thanks to all of the people who worked with me on this unique project. De Boni Wedding helped with the preparations and arrangements, creating a setting that was truly mesmerising, and the team Creare In provided an exceptional standard of floral design. These two, working together, made for a truly inspired event: an autumnal setting, deep in the magical forest, somewhere in the beautiful Dolomites. What a powerful vision, indeed…

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