Have you been looking to create your perfect wedding in Venice?

Venice is irrefutably one of Italy’s most stunning and breathtaking destinations to get married, which could make it a perfect location to consider for your own event. However, if you have been planning your special day, there’s certainly a lot to think about – from the best location for the reception to the photographer to hire – and your choice of cuisine is just one such option.

So, with this thought in mind, we’re looking at some of the most iconic typical Venetian dishes that you might want to include in your special reception, too.

If you’re planning a Venetian wedding, what better way to celebrate this stunning city than with some of its amazing dishes? The following eight dishes are all excellent examples of Venetian cuisine, and you might just find they’re ideal for your needs.

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Baccala Mantecato

One of the best ways to start any Venetian wedding is with a Baccala Mantecato – in other words, creamy, salted cod paste. It’s as delicious as it sounds and makes an excellent Venetian starter alongside fresh, toasted bread.

Sarde in Saor

As an alternative to Baccala Mantecato, Sarde in Saor is another excellent starter that instead uses sardines for an even more taste-packed dining experience. Sarde in Saor is finished with onions, vinegar, raisins, and pine nuts for a genuinely delicious, authentically Venetian dish.

Lasagnetta al Nero di Seppia

Don’t let the name fool you – this traditionally Venetian dish isn’t actually a lasagna but translates to “squid ink pasta.” It’s a surprisingly mild dish that’s hard not to love, and you can be sure any squid lovers in the audience will be coming back for seconds. Careful, though – you need to be careful with squid ink, as it’ll surely stain your wedding dress if you’re not careful.

Venetian Shrimps

Since Venice is located alongside the coast, it’s no surprise that shrimps and clams are a staple of any traditionally Venetian recipe. Be sure to ask your local chef what he recommends erving them with; the flavour of the shrimps may vary slightly throughout the year.

Bigoli Salsa

If you love spaghetti, Bigoli Salsa could be an excellent dish for your needs. Bigoli salsa is a unique dish that combines spaghetti, onions, and freshly-caught anchovies into a delightfully aromatic and flavoursome dish that will impress any guest.

Fegato Alla Veneziana

If you’re not feeling fish for the main meal, why not consider Fegato alla Venezia – steaming hot calf liver. The dish is carefully served with polenta and sweet, caramelized onions to create a full-bodied main meal for any diner.

Pasta e Faxioi

If you’re looking for a vegetarian friendly main dish to serve up at your Venetian wedding, options can feel pretty limited. However, Pasta e Faxioi is potentially a good option – in other words, pasta and beans. The aromatic, slow-roasted vegetables help contribute a unique flavour to this seemingly simple dish.


If you’re looking for a simple, sweet, and sophisticated dessert for your Venetian wedding, why not consider delicious, freshly-baked fritole? It’s a unique carnival season doughnut that every guest is sure to adore, and it likely won’t break the bank either.


Starting with an amazing menu is crucial if you’re looking to host a magical wedding in Venice. Luckily, there are plenty of excellent Venetian recipes you could consider to really make your wedding menu special.

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